On April 19, 2011, former Mayor, Pat Fiacco, announced a vision for the Regina Revitalization Initiative (RRI). He took the Government of Saskatchewan’s Feasibility Study as the basis for a new stadium and combined it with a vision for urban renewal. A May 27 press release put Mayor Fiacco’s vision into motion, and on May 30 City Council approved the RRI plan.

On Aug. 22, City Council approved the Vision and Guiding Principles for the RRI. Looking to the future, we see the RRI spanning 10 to 15 years. At the project’s end, vibrant and energetic communities will replace industrial and under-used lands. The RRI will build neighbourhoods at the heart of our city where you can live, work, and play. These high-profile public spaces will draw people in and inspire civic pride.

The Stadium Project, Taylor Field Neighbourhood and Railyard Renewal Project are three components that comprise RRI. A primary goal of the RRI will be to connect these three components to each other and the surrounding areas. This will be accomplished in part by improved roadways and enhanced pedestrian connections.  The pedestrian bridge from downtown to the CP Railyard and the pathway linking downtown to the new stadium are but two examples of how this may be accomplished. The RRI will employ best practices in City-building and set a new standard for sustainable development and urban design in the City of Regina.