Planning Process & Timeline

Planning for the Railyard site’s redevelopment is taking place in four phases, beginning in the fall of 2015.

Phase 1 (Project Initiation)

The project team began it’s work. Urban Strategies Inc., an award-winning urban planning and design firm, was retained to prepare secondary and concept plans for the Railyard site while WSP Group, a global engineering firm, provides technical analyses and strategies regarding environmental conditions, noise and vibration, risk management, utilities, and transportation.

environmental conditions, noise and vibration, risk management, utilities and transportation. The team visited the Railyard site and met with City staff and Council to get acquainted with the

City’s goals for the project. The team also reviewed background materials, including previous studies and historical documents, and prepared base maps of the area.

Phase 2 (Analysis)

The team collected examples of comparable projects in other cities to inform the planning process. The team examined the Railyard site and its context to understand the technical constraints and physical opportunities the redevelopment plans need to address. The first public open house was held on December 2, 2015 to hear the community’s ideas and aspirations for the site.

Phase 3 (Vision & Concepts)

The team prepared three preliminary redevelopment concepts for the Railyard site based on opportunities identified and input received during Phase 2. The public was invited to provide feedback on the concepts.

Phase 4 (Secondary and Concept Plan)

A preferred redevelopment scenario is being prepared based on the strongest and most favoured elements of the three preliminary concepts. This will become the basis for a secondary plan and policy framework. Plans will be supported by technical studies. Together, these documents will guide future redevelopment of the Railyard site.

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