Frequently asked questions

A section devoted to some of your more commonly-asked questions.

Why has the new stadium site has been moved from the CP lands bordering the Warehouse District to Evraz Place?
Originally, the intention was to purchase a section of the CP lands that would accommodate the new stadium. The negotiations with CP revealed that the City was best served to only purchase the intermodal yards of the CP lands, which does not have enough space to accommodate a stadium, however, it will still be developed into a mixed-use area with a pedestrian bridge linking to the downtown. The City then looked to other city-owned land close to the downtown for a stadium site and found Evraz Place to be the best location due to the existing sports and entertainment focus of the site.

Why build a new stadium that sounds similar to the current Mosaic stadium?

We need a new stadium that’s equipped to serve both the needs of our growing population and groups that use the stadium. The new stadium will be a significant upgrade over Mosaic Stadium, which currently has significant issues with access, washrooms and concessions, and limited seating. When complete, the new stadium will be one of the best facilities in the country.  The stadium design will include opportunities for lounge spaces to be used year-round for meetings and events and will be home to the Riders administration offices, training facilities and the Riders Store. It will be used year-round and will be designed to accommodate many types of sports and events.

Why aren’t we building a domed stadium?

We’re able to achieve many of the benefits of a domed stadium without the cost by using a “spectator roof” – an overhang around the top of the stadium. The spectator roof will be designed to minimize the wind and maximize the amount of sun getting into the stadium in the cooler months to help to ensure a comfortable fan experience in the colder seasons. There is no federal funding partner available for the project and so a dome stadium is not affordable for the existing partners at this time.

What’s the next step in the process?

The conceptual design will be finalized and will need to be approved by the three parties of the MOU.  It is anticipated that Council approval will be sought in November of December of this year.  The process will continue into a Request for Qualifications and Request for Proposals process that will extend into 2013 at which time a design and construction consortium will be selected to build the stadium.

Why does it seem to be taking so long to purchase the CP lands?

The land negotiations with CP have taken a long time for several reasons. It is a complex land purchase that has required several studies to be completed to inform the negotiations. Also, the parcel of land changed after the City decided not to purchase about 13 acres of the site, so the documentation and negotiations needed to adjust to the new site boundary.  The City remains positive that a deal will be completed, but has no requirements to meet a specific timeline.