Stadium testing prompts back-up plan for on-site water at football game

The City of Regina and Stadium Project partners put a new game plan into effect after it was determined that water will not be suitable for drinking at Saturday’s test game.

The announcement follows water samples that were taken from the site this week as part of a variety of tests to building, mechanical and electrical systems.

“The purpose of testing is to catch potential problems and we did – that’s good,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere. “This is isolated to the stadium and we have a back-up plan to deal with this.”

Mayor Fougere said that further water samples have been sent to a provincial lab for testing. Results will be known Friday.

“As always, we have taken this step today to ensure public safety – our top priority. It should not discourage fans from coming to new Mosaic and putting this iconic stadium to the test.”

Kim Onrait, Executive Director of City Services and Major Projects with the City, said when water lines were flushed debris like gravel and stones was found in the pipes, which affected the pressure. This is a normal occurrence during the start-up of a new facility.

“It is not clear at this time how the debris got into the pipes but until further notice, we are restricting the water for public consumption,” said Mr. Onrait.

The water situation also tests the City’s emergency preparedness around solutions that work for public safety, patrons and vendors, said Mr. Onrait.

“Every team has a playbook they can go to and make adjustments.”

Signs will be posted at the entrance to all 23 washrooms on the main concourse and over sinks as a caution to fans not to drink the water. There will also be washroom attendants on site to remind fans of the water advisory.

The City will have water tankers on location and patrons are encouraged to bring drinking bottles that could be filled up on site. Bottled water will be available for sale at new Mosaic Stadium on Saturday as well. Non-alcoholic sealed drinks under 591 ml can also be brought to the game.

Fire-suppression activities are not affected as the water used in fire lines is separate.