Time Capsule 2067 | New Mosaic Stadium and Confederation Park

All residents of Regina are invited to write a letter to future Regina residents to help celebrate the grand opening of new Mosaic Stadium and the renewal of Confederation Park.

A time capsule will be buried in Confederation Park at the June 30, 2017 Mosaic Stadium building dedication and Confederation Park opening ceremony.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to share feelings of excitement, hope for the future and how we built up to a time of significant change with the Regina Revitalization Initiative with the people of Regina in 2067,” said Mayor Michael Fougere.

The capsule is meant to be in place for 50 years.

You can be a part of history and help us celebrate the completion of our iconic new stadium and beautifully-renewed historical park space. Submissions will be accepted until June 15, 2017.

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