Evraz Place is the ideal site for our new stadium. It will anchor a multi-use sport and entertainment complex that incorporates existing facilities, including the Brandt Centre, the Queensbury Convention Centre, the Credit Union Eventplex, the Cooperators Centre and the Sportplex. The site is centrally located, easy to access and an ideal gathering place for people from across the province.

Many spots within Evraz Place were considered for the stadium. The southeast corner, bordering Elphinstone St. on the east and the railway to the south, was chosen because:

  • Elphinstone St. gives pedestrians easy access to the Cathedral and North Central neighbourhoods
  • Motorists will have easy access from Lewvan Drive, Dewdney Avenue and Elphinstone Street with ample parking to the west of the stadium.

In a straight line, Evraz Place is a 20-minute walk from Victoria Park. It feels further away because, on foot, there is no direct route from downtown.

The advantages to building the stadium at Evraz Place include:

  • It will have convenient access for pedestrians and motorists
  • The site is owned by the City, so there is no cost to purchase land for the stadium; however, in January 2013, the City reached an agreement with Canadian Pacific to purchase nearly five acres of land along the south side of the Evraz property for use as utility easement and for extra parking
  • It will enhance Evraz Place as a sports and entertainment destination
  • Evraz Place staff have the capacity and experience to best operate the stadium
  • Confederation Park is an underused asset that’s already there
  • It is near the downtown


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